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Jenn Licata


"As a Mom to a 5 year old boy in our school system,

I understand the struggles of 21st century parenting.


It is crucial that we have School Board Members who understand and respect Parental rights! " 

Opportunities & Educational Choices

"Our children deserve the world when it comes to educational opportunities. We must innovate our educational programs to fit tomorrows needs.


 Specialty programs, magnet programs, STEM education, and those with unique learning accommodations are some of the expansions that should be a priority for our educational system."

Focused on the Future

"Growth is inevitable. We are growing as a county and as a state every day. It is crucially important that we prepare for the future.


Whether it is insuring we are able to attract and retain the best educators for our students, or that we have adequate space in our school system, we must plan and prepare for the future TODAY!"